The Director

American Latino Interviews Thalia Ramos

“Dancing is a serious sport nowadays. And Thalia Ramos is at the forefront of the dance revolution. Thalia is dancer, choreographer, coach and mentor, and she ushers in the next generation of dancers as the head and founder of Famcakes Dance Company, and their award winning Cub Cakes Dance Crew. As part of mentor to these young dancers, Thalia is shaping some of tomorrow’s talent by putting them front and center in contests, showcases, and even viral music videos. So strap your favorite dancing shoes on because it’s time to move right here on American Latino TV.”

Season 17 | Episode 5

Video and Excerpt Credit: American Latino via Youtube

The Story

Director of Cubcakes, Thalia Ramos 2018

The Director

Thalia Ramos

Thalia Ramos Is an ambitious director creating her own lane into the industry. Her 5+ years of experience as an assistant to professional award winning choreographers like Scotty Nyguen and Balta Monkiki, 4 years of directing hip hop programs from the biggest dance studios in Southern California, and 8 years of instructing, has molded her into the dancer and choreographer she is today.

Thalia Ramos, Academy of Villains, Director of Cubcakes

Current Training

Hip Hop & Contemporary

Thalia has a strong dance training background and continues to train on the prestigious hip hop and contemporary company Academy of Villains. She has received choreography awards for her competitive dance routines and is acknowledged for her edgy and versatile approach to her routines for all ages which are very unique and has aided her to stand out as a young artist. Her passion for dance and coaching has lead to the creation of Cubcakes Dance Crew.

Cubcakes Original Members at Monsters, Santa Clara 2019

First Students

Core Cubcakes

Her first dance students were a set of mini dancers at the age of 4 years old. Those same set of dancers are still training with Thalia and are currently the CUBCAKES’ oldest/core members: Melanie Moreno, Kindyl Williams, Jayden Urbina, and her little sister Kylia Ramos. Their parallel dance journeys are what makes this group unique, special, and strong at it’s core.

Cubcakes Dance Crew Rehearsal 2018

Cubcakes Dance Crew

Thalia has earned many top overall scores as a choreographer for her competition hip hop and contemporary influenced movement routines that recognize her talent, versatility, and creative vision. Her passion for dance and teaching motivates her students to grow as dancers and individuals. She pushes her CUBS & SHORTS to be emotionally connected, disciplined, and committed. Their training and one-of-a-kind performance quality is a product of her passion.

Cubcakes on World of Dance Season 2, 2018

The Future is Sweet

Her drive, performance quality, and training is reflected in all of her dancers of the Cubcakes Crew. Once the crew was created and began their first season, they hit the ground running and continue to evolve as artists on and beyond the stage!